21st APR Reports

EZReports is compatible with new 21st APR System

The EZReports software has the ability to generate all 21st APR reports.

GPR Data

  • Grantee level users can generate GPR data for all grants/sites by funding cycles
  • State level user can generate GPR data for all grantees in a few clicks
  • GPR/APR data meets federal 21st APR requirements

APR Data

Activity, Staffing and Participation

  • Generate APR data by reporting periods (Summer/Fall and Spring)
  • Allows uploading APR Reports to the State APR System directly with one single click.
  • Activity reports are generated based on new activity categories defined in the 21st APR system
  • Staffing reports are generated from staff and activity schedule created in the EZReports software
  • Participation reports are generated from student/adult demographics and attendance data recorded in the EZReports software. The EZReports software also allows has the ability to track family participation.
  • In-built data checks ensure accurate reporting via auto-generated warnings for missing or incorrect data

Outcome Reports

Generate outcomes reports for all three GPRA indicators:
  • Teacher Surveys
  • School Grades
  • Test Scores

The EZReports software have upload tools to import day schools grades and test scores using excel files. The mobile application for surveys makes it easy to send out and collect teacher surveys.