Attendance Tracking

Record attendance efficiently and accurately using a variety of methods. You can decide which method is most suitable based on your program needs.

The EZReports software has multiple attendance options including session level attendance, daily attendance, check-in/check-out, and drop-in attendance. Drop-in attendance feature is especially quite useful for middle/high schools.

  • Print daily, weekly, or monthly rosters and weekly/daily sign-in sheets.
  • Rosters can be sorted by name, grade levels, and groups.
  • Record attendance using paper rosters with the ease of a few clicks.
  • Record check-in/check-out times of students.
  • Record check-in/check-out real-time using our mobile application on your smartphones, iPads, or tablets.
  • Record check-in/check-out real-time using our PIN keypad/badge scan application that allows students to punch-in their district student ID or scan their badges.
  • Record drop-in attendance by session for middle and high school programs.
  • Print sign-in sheets for special events.
  • Record special events attendance to track family participation.
  • Submit attendance at end of month.
  • Extensive set of reports for student attendance.