User Levels

Helps Site Coordinators

  • Import student demographics from the School District database
  • Register students without any data entry
  • Create and schedule after school activities/sessions
  • Use various enrollment features including auto and group enrollment
  • Print different types of rosters and sign-in sheets
  • Record attendance quickly by using Mobile Application or Badge Scanning
  • Run program management reports real-time

Helps Program Directors

  • Monitor and manage multiple after school programs centrally
  • Run real-time reports by grant, program or site
  • Access program data real-time
  • Make better decisions real-time to meet grant and program objectives
  • Provide detailed data to evaluators and funders about extent and type of program participation
  • Generate new 21APR reports for 21st CCLC programs
  • Generate State DOE reports and other management reports
  • Design and conduct surveys online to collect feedback for program improvment
  • Reduce your overall cost of data collection and evaluation

Helps Evaluators

  • Collect data directly from the EZReports software versus having to rely on site staff or spreadsheets
  • Generate 21st CCLC and State DOE reports directly there by eliminating time spend on data collection and compilation
  • Print ad-hoc reports that facilitate evaluation
  • Design and conduct surveys online to collect feedback for improvement

Helps State DOE

  • Monitor and manage the 21st CCLC program at all sites real-time
  • Streamline program monitoring & reporting for all grantees/sites
  • Manage and track grant cycles
  • Generate 21APR reports centrally for all grantees/sites